History of the Mustang Foundation

  • The Mustang Foundation began as the Malta Educational Foundation and Alumni Association (MEFAA), holding its 1st meeting June 27th 1996.  Those present were Malta School Board Trustee Sheila Simanton, Supt. William Parker, and Board members Byron Ereaux, Michael Fred Ereaux, Lyle Lilienthal and Secretary Susy Johnson.  The foundation has had many join the organization over the years and currently has 12 members on the board.  Its main purpose has been to manage funds that are given out yearly as scholarships to Malta seniors and alumni.

Mustang Foundation Board

  • President- Darlene Kolczak

    Vice President - Alisha Gibbs

    Secretary - Vicki Eggebrecht

    Treasurer - Bri Sims

Mustang Foundation Members

  • Rebel Levesque

    Toni Zeigler

    Lecil Demarais

    Amanda Zeigler

    Bobi Jo Shores

    Sheila O'Brien

    Matt Genger