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White-out by Maddison Stamper : A day in the life of the Mustang Gazette student-journalist

White-out by Maddison Stamper : A day in the life of the Mustang Gazette student-journalist

Stress ball by Maddison Stamper : Mustang Gazette adviser, Mrs. Pankratz, before a print deadline.

Stress ball by Maddison Stamper : Mustang Gazette adviser, Mrs. Pankratz, before a print deadline.
  • #15_Seffarine_NEAN_Interview

    by Izzy Markuson & Leslie Young Length: 10 min. 11 sec.

     Listen in as Izzy & Leslie interview the latest musical group brought to MHS by NEAN. Seffarine, an amazing Morrocan group, break down their origins and share a few beats with our listeners.  Listen in to hear your classmates delve into the band's background. 

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  • #014_Student_Cell_Phone_Usage_Pt 1

    by Jasmine Hawes & Sierra White Length: 5 min. 47 sec.

    Hey there fellow Mustang Gazette podcast followers! Listen in as Sierra & Jasmine visit with students at Malta High regarding their individual cell phone habits as they ask just how attached individuals are to those handheld devices so popular and essential nowadays. Listen in to hear your classmates share just how reliant on and familiar with cell phones they have become.  

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  • #013_Holiday Traditions

    by Maddi Stamper & Izzie Hallenberg Length: 12 min. 24 sec.
    Hello and welcome to a podcast discussing why in the world do people decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. This episode is written and produced by two amazing Mustang Gazette student-journalists, Maddi Stamper and Izzie Hallenberg! The following podcast includes commentary from Dally Neibur, David Pitman, Makiya Wilke, Mario Sanchez, Ye Rim, & Mr. Ebert. Please join us by listening to this very important discussion!
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  • #012_Suicide Prevention & Awareness - QPR

    by Bonnie Jones Length: 15 min. 48 sec.

    In this podcast, Bonnie Jones digs deep into the silent epidemic of suicide in Montana. She talks to a mental health professional Jennifer Strzelczyk, and Frederick Lee, a QPR and Suicide Prevention Instructor. Suicide is preventable, and you have the ability to save a life. Tune in to Bonnie Jones' last podcast! 

    Resource numbers

    1-800-273-TALK (8255)

    1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

    Vets4Warriors: 1-855-838-8255

    In Crisis? Text 741741


    Learn more about QPR at or call (509) 536-5100.

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  • #011_Snowball 2019 - What You Need to Know

    by Leslie Young Length: 4 min 18 sec

    Join Leslie Young as she visits with senior class advisors Mrs. Gilkerson & Mrs. Galt, MHS secretary Tara Cole, and MHS students Kaylanna Bain and Ezra Judd, to talk Snowball specifics. They cover everything you need to know about what to wear, how to plan, and how to get the most out of your night. She'll also include information regarding date and time. So sit back and listen to Leslie Young as she breaks it down Travolta-style for this year's disco-themed winter formal.

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  • #010_Part 2_Featured student athletes talk balancing freshmen year & athletics

    by Kaycee Bond Length: 8 min 20 sec

    Click here to listen as  Kaycee Bond interviews two freshmen, Alexa Baublitz and Madyson Bain to see how they were adjusting to high school and sports. Let's see how high school is treating them, and how the adjustment is going so far. This is part 2 to the freshmen year sports and academics podcast series.

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  • #009_ Villa Theater Renovations

    by Izzy Markuson Length: 5 min 31 sec

    3..2..1 Action! Tune into the latest Podcast from Izzy Markuson about the newly remodeled and now reopened Villa Theater in our own Malta. Interviews include manager Christine Riggs and students, Tia Siewing & Alexis Nelson, here at Malta high. So grab the snacks, lean back, and enjoy!

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  • #008_Balancing work study & academics

    by Jasmine Hawes Length: 13 min 47 sec

    This following Podcast contains interviews regarding jobs and time management for high school students. Included is information about work-study and academics. You’ll get to hear from Mr. Fisher,  the MHS principal, and Mrs. Webb, the school counselor. Learn about how work-study is granted, who is eligible, and why some students have participated in the program. Stay tuned and listen in to what they have to say. Please enjoy this podcast created by Jasmine Hawes.

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  • #007_Focusing on Cross Country

    by Nikki Nicholson Length: 10 min. 52 sec.

    The following Podcast features Malta High School’s Cross Country team and season with Nikki Nicholson. Malta's senior Jillian O'Brien, coach Thea Solberg, and the new activities director, Mr. Somerfeld will be featured. We will also hear about competitive timing and jerseys regarding the CC girls. Tune in to get advice from a CC runner and to hear how Coach Solberg came to coach our outstanding runners! Enjoy!

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  • #006_Talking Climate Change with Twiggs & Estill

    by Bonnie Jones Length: 12 min. 43 sec.

    Hey MHS, sit back and tune into the weather changing, mind-blowing, scientifically fact-filled podcast on climate change with the one and only Bonnie Jones. During this podcast you will be hearing from two of Malta Public School’s very own faculty members,  Mrs. Estill and Mr. Twiggs; both are awe-inspiring science teachers. Listen in as we talk melting icebergs and higher winds. Enjoy!

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  • #005_Speech & Drama season is here! Get pumped with Mrs. Labrie

    by Sierra White Length: 7 min. 16 sec.

    This podcast includes students’ opinions on speech and drama, as well as reasons why you should join. Sierra White will be interviewing Mrs. Labrie, along with Turk and Bonnie about their experiences. They discussed reasons why others should join. Please enjoy this podcast and the awkwardness of your fellow students.

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  • #004_1st NEAN performance at MHS recap

    by Izzy Markuson & Leslie Young Length: 9 min

    Listen into to the recap of  the first Northeastern Arts Network performance here at MHS. The classical Jazz band known as Rhythm and Ramble shared background and other fun tidbits with Mustang Gazette. Also included is some intriguing information about the NEAN program itself from Mr.E himself! This podcast includes good tunes, great voices, and amazing work by the double trouble duo Izzy Markuson and Leslie Young.

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  • #003_Homecoming Recap 2019 & Student Interviews

    by Izzie Hallenberg Length: 15 min. 4 sec.

    Let’s take a look at homecoming at MHS. You get to hear about everything from the game to spirit week costumes. Talk about an exciting topic! Featured students include Tanner Smith, Macy Williamson, Ben Costin, Kennedy Koss, and Aubri Werk. You’ll also hear from Mr. Somerfeld! Please enjoy this awesome podcast done Izzie Hallenberg! 

    P.S. Izzie's grandma approves!

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  • #002_Featured student athletes talk balancing freshmen year & athletics

    by Kaycee Bond Length: 10 min. 32 sec.

    Click here to listen as  Kaycee Bond interviews two freshmen, Kirsta Meisdalen and Kaden Bishop to see how they were adjusting to high school and sports. Let's see how high school is treating them, and how the adjustment is going so far. Just a heads-up, the interviews took place at the beginning of the school year when the seasons were still going.

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  • #001_Welcome to the Mustang Gazette podcast home!

    by Mrs. Ashley Pankratz Length: 4 min. 25 sec.

    Listen in as Mrs. Pankratz, the Mustang Gazette advisor, welcomes you to the Mustang Gazette podcasting home! Find out what she has to say about the mission of the MHS journalism class and what is next!   Spread the word!

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Phone: 4066542002


Degrees and Certifications:

Secondary Education: English Reading Specialist

Mrs. Ashley Pankratz

Dear Reader/Listener,

Welcome to Malta High School's very own Mustang Gazette website; I am truly thrilled that you've taken time to check us out on the web!  This is a great opportunity for you to see the amazing journalistic work of our Mustang Gazette staff/students. I encourage you to visit frequently. Please share our work.

I am extremely proud to present the work of our award-winning staff as they pioneer their way through the fields of print journalism and audio journalism.  I also have to tell you that this is not a required course.  These amazing high school student-journalists have chosen to explore an introductory course on journalism by voluntarily joining The Mustang Gazette staff.  They break out of their comfort zones every day to produce our articles and podcasts by researching varying topics, conducting interviews with their peers and adults, and learning programs like Audacity and InDesign.  I know I am partial but through our limited workshop opportunities and my own networking, I can tell you that high school journalism classes and student-created papers/podcasts are a rarity in Montana.  Larger districts with more funding, students, staff, and media resources are more likely to have a student paper rather than a smaller class B school like MHS.  To say I'm proud of my student-journalists is an understatement.  They are one-of-a-kind and deserve our recognition for their bravery, willingness to learn from trial and error, and lastly for their desire to tell a story relevant to our community.  

During your visit to our website, please remember that the journalistic efforts contained on this page are a product of student work. We do our best to bring you the most current and accurate news and updates on upcoming events; however, keep in mind all work is the product of the MHS' journalism course taught by me.  Through our work, we continue to grow, learn, and improve.  I would love to hear your feedback, and my contact info is attached within this page. Thanks again for keeping in mind that all material included here is student-journalist work, and we are forever evolving in our story-telling abilities.             

Before you go, check out our Facebook page! Like and follow our Mustang Gazette by searching @MustangGazetteMHS on Facebook. Thank you again for viewing our Malta High School Mustang Gazette webpage. I appreciate the time you have set aside to peruse our student artifact collection.  Again, feel free to reach me with any questions, concerns, story ideas, or current events you would like to see covered.  I look forward to your return to our website.


Mrs. Ashley Pankratz