A message from Mr. Kuehn...

  • Superintendent Mr. Kuehn When I first arrived in Malta to serve as the Superintendent of Schools, the motto at the top of the letterhead stated, “A Tradition of Excellence.”  That statement has always intrigued me, as it truly embodies the culture of the Malta School District, academically, musically and athletically.

    It is my honor to serve as the Superintendent of the Malta School District. We endeavor to prepare our students for an ever-changing world.  We should all value the relationships that we cultivate that will serve as our foundation as we move forward in our lives.

    From the faculty, parents, students and community of Malta, it is apparent that “A Tradition of Excellence” is more than a motto at the top of the letterhead; it is the standard to which we are all held, and to which we should strive to achieve.

    Welcome.  I look forward to a productive and exciting school year.