What’s This All About

“Key Club is a service organization focused mainly on kids in our community,” says Mr. Sean Estill the leader of the Key Club at Malta High School. Key Club is focused on interacting with the kids in our community in a very positive way. They do things like the first grade social, which is an event where they go to the elementary school and do activities with the first graders. They also take part in the summer reading program along with Kiwanas. Key Club is a branch of Kiwanas, whose main focus is to help kids in and out of the community.
Key Club went to Billings for their spring convention, which is not what you would think it would be. “Key Club is a little different than BPA or FCCLA which come together in the spring for their competitions. Key Club comes together in the spring to celebrate all of the things we have done this year. We don’t go there to compete we go there to celebrate,” said Estill. Key Club also meets together in the fall around October to get to know people from other clubs and build relationships with people from around the state.
Key Club gets you out and involved in the community. It's a great thing to be involved in. It's a great way to make a good name in our community, and it can help you with your scholarships in the future. You have nothing to lose by joining. You may even find things you didn’t think you would like fun. Plus it's a good thing to be an active member of your community in any positive way you can, so join Key Club!