Cupcakes & Museums at Close-UP

On Saturday, March 30th, eight Malta Juniors and Seniors departed for their Close-Up trip to Washington D.C. They arrived ready to explore and learn about the “History of America and all of the politics that go along with it,” stated Blake Chambers. During the six-day/five-night program, Kelbee, Blake, Ezra, Tanner, Reese, Jillian, Carly, and Kaycee met with elected officials on Capitol Hill, participated in structured learning activities at Washington’s monuments and memorials, and engaged in workshops about how our government works. Basically, the nation’s capital was used as a living classroom where these students explored America’s past and present.
Not only did they gain knowledge about what takes place at our nation’s capital, they also learned life lessons, and travelling skills. Jillian disclosed, “When trying to get on the Metro during rush hour, you just got to push your way through.” Kelbee warned future Close-Up students to, “Make sure you look up the walking distances yourself because Mr. Somerfeld doesn’t know how.” They all thought they were prepared, but none of them realized the amount of walking they would actually have to do. However, even with all the miles they put on, they still enjoyed the trip and came back with many memories. Jillian loved the National Cathedral and thought it was beautiful. Kelbee enjoyed watching Jillian fall down the stairs, and Blake found all of the museums to be interesting because they all had something cool in them. They also had time to try many different foods. Jillian loved the DC cupcakes. Kelbee thought the fettuccine alfredo at Angelo’s was to die for, and Blake surprisingly commented that his favorite food was the lasagna he tried at a restaurant in Georgetown.
Even though this trip sounds like all fun and games, Blake informed me it was more than just a vacation, and they actually had to do some school-like work, and think a lot. A typical day started as early as 7:00 am and sometimes did not end until 10:00 pm. Needless to say, they were exhausted at the end of every day.
All of the students expressed that they were glad they participated and that it was a great experience. They suggested that all students should consider going.