The Northeastern Arts Network has yet again brought an amazing performance here to the Malta crowd with a group known as “Seffarine” an international blended group of sounds and people. The lead singer is Lamiae Naki with guitarist, Nat Hulskamp. The inspiration behind their music is the Nakis heritage consisting of Moorish Spain to the Sahara. Although they are a wife and husband group, they are accompanied by many others from time to time, such as Manuel Gutierrez’s flamenco Footwork, Bassist Damian Erskine, and instrumentation of Persian Master of exotic instruments Bobak Salehi. The group name originates from the ancient metalworking square in Lamia's home city. Her family is well known in the Seffarine as master metalworkers continuing the tradition today. The square dates back to the 9th century and is famous for the complex rhythms that can be heard from the blacksmiths

The three members who were performing here at Malta were Lamiae, her husband Nat, and their other member Meme. In an interview with the group, more info was learned about their backgrounds. First Nat and Lamiae have been married and playing together for ten years. After just one cup of coffee, they knew they were meant for each other. Meme joined a few years ago after traveling with another group known as Pink Martini. The biggest performance they have performed together was a 2,100 seat theatre with their other performers.  The group was kind enough to let the Mustang Gazette conduct a podcast with them. This podcast is located on the Malta High school website. Tune in for more interview details and questions about the group!