Crossroads Coffee and Bistro: Food Review


Crossroads Coffee and Bistro is a small family-owned business here in Malta with a staff consisting of Mother, Eunice Doney, and son, Vince Mace.  When entering this location you will be welcomed with a burst of warm air and a range of delicious and sense grabbing aromas whether it’s coffee, a sandwich being made, or the featured soup.  Your stomach will be craving the mouth-watering taste, & you really can’t get enough. After walking in and placing your order, you will sit down at a table and enjoy the environment, while waiting for your meal. Surrounded by smells and music playing in the background, it feels like another home away from home.

The Mustang Gazette decided to cover the location and try some of the delicious food. We ordered two of the menu items known as the Montana melt and the chicken fajita wrap. After we sat quietly while quiet conversations and music played in the background. Vince then came out to check on customers while the food was being made. About five minutes later the meals were complete.  We decided to take the first bite and it was completely worth it! The chicken fajita wrap is made up of fajita chicken, cheddar cheese, crushed Doritos, bell peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion, and chipotle ranch dressing. This meal was delicious, even for those who do not care for tomatoes and onions. The chicken was cooked just right and juicy. By far one of the best wraps ever tasted. The Montana melt is a sandwich consisting of roast beef, turkey, melted Swiss, and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and bistro sauce. The first bite was amazing. it fills your mouth with flavors that cannot be described. Although many may believe all sandwiches are the same, Crossroads sandwiches are unique. They have their own distinct amazing taste. The roast beef, turkey, and melted cheese all give you a warm sensation in your mouth. The bistro sauce made up of mayonnaise and mustard adds extra flavor as well. To top the sandwich off it also came with a side of Mac & Cheese, which was also very delicious. It was perfectly cheesy and warm, a great meal on cold days as well. Overall the experience at Crossroads was astonishing. the meal was exquisite and would highly recommend to others! They will not let you down with their sandwiches and or soup of your choice. Give it a try! The location is across from Albertsons, and or you can call in an order at (406-654-1955).