Farewell from Izzy Markuson

For the Class of 2020.


Covid-19, A virus that has struck worldwide causing much chaos, worry, stress, and a daily shutdown of many stores and businesses. Coronavirus hit the US causing major precautions to be taken. Social distancing has required people to stay 6 feet apart, wear face masks and gloves at essential businesses. Schools, gyms, theaters, and arenas were all shut down making cities look like ghost towns. Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, was under a dark slumber, along with New York and many others. The entire country has been affected, and our daily lives have been changed and flipped. One large group of people who have been affected by this pandemic is the Class of 2020.

As a senior in high school, when the virus came about I didn't think much of it, or what I could lose because of it until it all started to happen. It had a snowball effect at first, starting small then it just got bigger. At first, it was just no school type of situation for a few days, but then it sadly resulted in the absence of proms, spring sports, and eventually led to a different form of graduation ceremonies. No final memories to make with your friends. High school is where you learn who you are. As a part of the 2020 graduates I feel heartbroken, sad, confused, but most of all I miss it. You miss the people and the halls. You miss the underclassmen who made your days. You miss it all as a senior, but for the class of 2020, it's different. We didn't get our class night. We wanted to make the most of our final year. 

To my fellow seniors, I want to give you these words as a farewell. When you grow up they always tell us to enjoy the little things, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. These words will stick with you until the end. We grew up too fast and didn't realize how fast the clock was ticking, but we did come out in the end as one of the strongest groups of kids. Remember everything you did and always stand for what you believe. In your future, do things that make you nervous, try new things, and always live and learn. Never dwell on the things that didn't happen but embrace the things that did. Take pictures and videos and keep them with you because a picture is worth a thousand words. Travel the world and meet new people, try new foods, be adventurous. We are more than we know and are capable of amazing things. So to the class of 2020, I wish us all the best and we will be remembered for who we were and what our class went through. Life is hard and does throw curveballs, but you will figure it out along the way with guidance and talent. Remember the little things because they will have the biggest lessons and influences. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” as Mr.Bleth would always say. High school was a rollercoaster for the 4 years we were there but we did it! Congratulations to the class of 2020!


                                                 -Farewell from a Malta Senior.