Mustang Gazette Recognized at HS Journalism Days

As Covid-19 disrupted much of our community’s 2020 plans, this virus definitely disrupted our Mustang Gazette plans to attend U of M’s annual High School Journalism Days event where our MHS’ Mustang Gazette student staff members would attend workshops hosted by UM J-School faculty and where our Mustang Gazette 2019-2020 journalistic efforts would be judged against other Class B high school student submissions. This annual trip was an event that MG students looked forward to throughout the year as they earnestly produced quality content to share with the student body, faculty, & community.
And although my amazing student journalists and I couldn’t make the trek this year due to the Covid-19 cancellation, they did participate against other class B student journalists. But they didn’t just participate, they DOMINATED. They PERSEVERED. I couldn’t be more proud as they showcased their tenacious spirits in uncharted waters. Although they did complete print material in qtr. 4, available here, much of their journalistic efforts were shared through audio as podcasts. At first, this new medium was a bit scary and overwhelming, but eventually, they began to gain a sense of comfortability and command of the new form. Every one of our Mustang Gazette staff members made the publication what it was this year. I’m blessed and grateful to have been a small part of helping them share those stories. Take a look at how they placed. They deserved every bit of recognition they received!
Class B -Broadcast Pacesetter: SECOND PLACE!!!
The Mustang Gazette Malta High School - Mustang Gazette Staff
Judge’s notes: Good variety of topics across a number of podcasts. Great student involvement as hosts and reporters. It was fun to get to listen to a number of different voices with different energy and style. Solid production values.
Class B -Audio: FIRST PLACE!!!
The Mustang Gazette Malta High School - Bonnie Jones
Judge’s notes: This was the best. Nice variety of types of sound and good open.
Class B -Feature Writing: THIRD PLACE!!!
The Mustang Gazette Malta High School - Izzie Hallenberg
Judge’s notes: Nice feature on the move to a four-day school week. Good use of sources.
Class B -Editorial Cartooning: THIRD PLACE!!!
The Mustang Gazette Malta High School - Maddison Stamper
Judge’s notes: I loved this imaginative and funny parody of a high school newspaper adviser as tensions rise during the rush toward the publication's deadline. I need a stress ball exactly like that. I also enjoyed Maddison's other entry, which portrayed a high school journalist's clever trick to meet a story's word count.
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